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Skateboarding at Appledore

Tom, The Highflyer

Hello again, its been raining again today so thats always a good time to catch up with the PC and things pending.

 I have been busy taking pics as usual but this week  I photographed some “very cool” skateboarders and Kitesurfers, who then asked to see the photos. So with my newly acquired knowledge ( 23 things and photoshop classes), I have been able to edit and upload the pics to their own  flickr slideshow and make them available to only them as a temporary guest via a link by email.  How clever is that? lets see if I can remember how to upload a photo to my blog…


Delicious account

Hi does anyone have a Delicious account that I can share websites with? I seem to have got in after all. As a starter I added the amazon website which I use quite a lot, but now I’m a little concerned that others might have access to my account as Amazon remembers me at home on my pc. Hmm. This is on my favourites normally, so does that mean that I shouldn’t keep my shopping websites on Delicious as they are shared?  Do I only share the ones that don’t have any personal information about me? And, can anyone have access to my list??? I think I might take Amazon off, until I am more familiar with Delicious.

Right, I’m off to add 23 things to Delicious plus a few other more general sites. Bye for now.

Time for a change

Hello, as its rained all day today and on my day off too, I thought I would catch up with the 23 things. so week 5 finally done, I am now going to go for week 6 , plus change the appearance of my blog and add a new photo to the header, ( you can tell how much its rained today).

No. I can’t seem to install delicious on my toolbar so will have a go if I get a quiet moment at work tomorrow. Am frustrated.

Its been a while..

Hum, its been ages since I did some blogging and now I’ve forgotten what I’ve done and where I’ve got to.

  Right, I think I had got to week 5; library related blogs and news feeds. as far as i can remember. ( I have read most of the posts twice and then run out of time to write about them) but  I do remember that most of the feeds were American , which was a little disappointing. I did my own google search  and could only find libraries in other counties and  feeds seemed irrelevant or non-existent. Did i try Bloglines search?  yes, could only find top 100 blogs to search though.  LIS news had an interesting blog from a 15-year-old gay, talking about  how important it was to have access to books with gay teen characters . I have added the feed to my Bloglines blogroll, also techradar, a photography blog and, resource shelf, the shifted librarian and  library stuff. I have to say I don’t look at my Bloglines account, I just don’t have time to wade through all the info, at work or at home.  And should i have a newsfeed on my wordpress blog?

Photoshop Elements 8

Just returned from my evening class for the third week and feel slightly inadequate…… you think 23 things is difficult?  This photoshop is a whole new ball game. But, that said, I’m up for the challenge. Got to master it if I want to improve my photography, so i will practise, practise, practise.  Will try and upload befores and afters to my blog soon, very soon.

Success at last!

It worked!  Hopefully next time I will remember   actually how I  posted the library photo from flickr to my blog. Will have another go soon.

Northam Library Stories and Rhymes

Northam Library Stories and Rhymes

Originally uploaded by Seasnapper

This is one of the photos I have taken with the new library camera at Northam. At this moment i am getting slightly confused as i cant seem to link up to my Seasnapper’s blog. Anyway i will post it through the flickr website now ( as I thought I had already done), and try that!!

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